Babysigners loves …

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As if baby signing wasn’t enough to help you raise confident, relaxed babies along comes Relax Kids with their wonderful classes and meditation CDs to take your children on a blissful journey to banish all worries and woes and help little ones become confident and boost their self-esteem. For more information CLICK HERE.

“These magical CDs have helped my daughter get to sleep for years, we can’t recommend them highly enough” – Emma Finlay-Smith


Plum have a growing range of adventurous organic baby food. Their recipes taste as good as home made and have been designed specifically for each stage of your baby’s weaning. They add the supergrain quinoa to every recipe. We’ve had lots of little babysigners tucking in to Plum food. For more information CLICK HERE.


Here at Babysigners HQ we’ve been warming our hands up ready for signing using mohdoh. We love it so much we are going to be using mohdoh in some of our classes . We’ll let you know how we get on. Mohdoh is aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy all packed up in a great dough. For more information on mohdoh CLICK HERE.